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1. Where my Draws sex. where you get so caught up in the wild sex encounter, that post sex, you have to do a search for your undergarments.

2. Weapons of Mass Destruction Sex. where you are in a confined space (and generally a place you don't belong- such as, but not limited to, an office) and you knock over a bunch of shit. just the fuckin up personal property type of bomb ass nuts
1. (post sex) "baby where are my draws?", "i have no idea, we'll look in a minute. i think they may be on top of the Chandelier"

2. last night we had WMD sex in my bosses' office. i hope i don't get fired. we knocked over his computer and all of his paperwork. Thank Goodness there's no camera in there
by Shan & Jordan August 30, 2007
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