Acronym for "With his dick."

The phrase is an alternative to the popular game of adding the words "In bed" to the end of any fortune cookie fortune.

Popular amongst first generation Azorean immigrants living along the Northern California coast.
"Let there be magic in your smile and firmness in your handshake.... WHD"

"As the purse is emptied the heart is filled... WHD"
by portuguee princesses July 15, 2010
Top Definition
W - What
H - Hell
D - Dude

uses - statement of: confusion / sudden excitement / given surprise
john walks up to bob, kicks bob in the fuck sack
bob in massive confusion, sudden excitement, and to his given surprise, loudly states "WHD!!"
by C.D.19 March 29, 2010

from wyd
"yo eddy tellin everyone you and emily together"
"nahh foreal? whd"
by 1_4_99 June 14, 2016
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