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W.G.W.T.C. - What's good with the cyphe. This is basically asking what the general situation is with the marijuana. This also pertains to if and how said marijuana is going to obtained.

This question is very broad. In it's most basic definition, it means in what quantities, number of people, how much needs to be thrown down, when, and where; all pertaining to the smoking of marijuana.
Mumblez: Yooo, WGWTC?
CrackerJack: I'm smoking madd kush later. Just bring the dutches.
Mumblez: Woooord.
by Stoner Hill April 12, 2011
W.G.W.T.C.- what's good with the cyphe. Or, "When, where and in what quantities and qualities shall we smoke marijuana?" basically asking someone whats the deal with the weed.
CrackerJack: yo wgwtc
Stoner: Nothings gwtc gtfo fiend
by HillWeed420 December 19, 2010
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