White Girl Style

doing something like booty dancing or fist pumping like a total white girl
Wow, did you see Rachel dancing wgs at the dance?
by DDalltheway December 03, 2011
Top Definition
White Girl Slayer
a non-white guy who lands all the cute white girls. He can be of any other race, but is usually black.
hey, do you know richard?
ohh, you mean WGS?
yeah, thats him right there with the three white girls on his arm
by >^_^< March 10, 2009
Weak Gene Syndrome. Self-inflicted physical and/or mental conditions that provide the afflicted with excuses for being burdens on society. Common symptoms include being stressed out, drug-addiction, obesity, hypochondria, muscular atrophy from lack of activity, and general laziness.
Productive Person: "Why don't you get a job?"

WGS Person: "I can't. All the jobs are either too physical, stressful, or both. I am on disability for my back, knees, ankles, and feet and I had that mental breakdown last year."

Productive Person: "Your physical disabilities are obviously caused by being 150 lbs overweight and you got caught with alcohol and drugs on the job and then claimed they were coping methods to prevent a mental breakdown."

WGS Person: "You all don't know what it was like. Work was so stressful. That is why I am physically and mentally disabled."

Productive Person: "Yes, I forgot, you are the only person who has stress at work. Don't worry though, everyone else will work to take care of you."
by jfkst6 November 01, 2012
Unique Clique.

An exclusive circle of people.
girl: whats WGS?
girl2: O.O omfg, you dont know what wgs IS!???
girl: i wish i could join =(
girl2: sorry, we dont accept everybody


by WGS February 06, 2008
to or dealing with wild goat sex
i just walked in on these two girls having wgs
by B-hager December 23, 2007
Acronym for "Who Gives a Shit"
Person 1: I heard Dubya wore a Green tie today.
Person 2: WGS
by todddddd August 25, 2007
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