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Acronym (similar to WTF) standing for WOO FUCK YEAH!, an expression of The Spirit. (May be used interchangeably with WFYB, meaning WOO FUCK YEAH BROTHER!)
WFY!!! *claps insanely enthusiastically* I'm feelin' The Spirit!!!!
by Jed Frankford February 17, 2009
Well fuck your shit. When your socially unaccepted and have no other come back other than "well fuck your shit"
Hey motherfucker you can't be part of our group!

by tehericccz March 26, 2010
An abbreviation of "What fuck you say"

Similar in meaning to "WFT?" or Mr. T's "What you talkin bout?" Used to express shock, disbelief, or a failure to comprehend and often used in internet settings such as message boards, chats, etc..
(Example of use in chat)
JJmg453: Dude, me and joseph got totally wasted last night and fobbed your cousin's schnob!
Uboat109: WFYS?
(Example of phrase used in conversation)
"Hey, I just bought a new car!"
"Dude, I thought you were broke!"
"Yeah, my girlfriend's dad just like, gave me a wad of cash out of the blue and told me to go buy myself a Nissan."
"What fuck you say!?"
by DiscoJesus January 09, 2010
we fuck you
you dont fuck us nigga we fuck yooooou! hence the ac-ro-nim wfy
by chea sahn July 07, 2009

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