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What's For Lunch? Often used amongst coworkers and often used in the subject line in an email. There is no explanation needed in the body of the email.
email from a.timbol.

subject line: WFL?

response email from m.blackwood
subject line: WFL?
body of email will say:


OG means Olive Garden
by S.Pan June 27, 2010
Will Fap Later. This term is used when you see something awesomely hot and you just have to let everyone know that you'll be spankin' it to whatever it may be here in a few.
ZOMG! Those wheels are soooo hot on that car. WFL!
by Mike Alsip March 21, 2008
Instant message code (while at work of course) for Whats For Lunch...
Example would be....."WFL"....response would be...."McDonalds"
by jen June 11, 2004
It's a Boston street slang and it means Wicked fucking loser.
Johnny Damon left the Red Sox and signed up with the Yankeys...He's a WFL!
by MrBrightside10 October 20, 2011
WFL : Weirdo For Life
X : * Spills water everywhere *
Y : '' Ha ha nice one ''
X : * Flips out and starts to cry *
Z : '' Whats up with 'X' ? ''
Y : '' WFL ''
Z : " Oh ''
by Bloody_Numpty January 04, 2011

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