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A cute kid.. Very artistic, and fun to be with.
Her chubby cheeks make you wanna pinch them.. haha..
Wenny's drawing's make you feel jelly, and make you wanna be like her.
Best of all, an awesome friend. (sometimes too awesome)
I wanna be a WENNY~~
She's such a Wenny, she's cute and good at art.
by CAPSCAPSCAPS123 August 21, 2012
another term for large.
woah that chicks ass is wenny
by tsqr February 14, 2014
two definitions rolled into one, one in a positive sense the other slightly negative

one uber cool kid

she is the harry potter of the movie ;)

although she is a bit strange and is known to be a bit of a stalker, who obbsesses over her ex boyfriends, lmao

and is known to do things spontaniously and then regret the decisoin later on, she also attracts scrumbags for boyriends and is known to be a wee bit clingy NOT!!!

she is a stereotype that everyone aspires to be like because of her level of coolness ♥

she is also rather unintelligent, if you fail at something you pulled a sarah wenn, but only if you are blonde
1. god i wish i was a wenny kid

2. no one is as cool as a sarah wenn girl

3. bless that sarah she has a wenny boyfriend

4. god she is a bit creepy i think she is a wenny
by the gingerer ninjerer August 28, 2009
a girl who is swagalicious
invents a bunch of her own weird ass words
likes one direction mmmm
i think she likes french fries too
yeah she does
a really fun person to be around
laughs a lot
w o w
"oh who's that over there?"
"that's wenny! she's really cool, right?"
'yeah! so cool!"
by irwns January 02, 2014

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