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To bring down the mood of a party or social situation by being excessively awkward or depressing. Similar to being a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy.
"This party was awesome until that douche came and welched it up."

"Dude, you're being such a welch."
by douchedecon August 08, 2008
To do something low; to cheat someone out of something.
I just got welched on my IST 336 exam
by Zachary Jones June 14, 2007
To be Extremely good looking;Popular;Well Liked; Cute
Man, That Paul is sure a Welch. We should just call him Paul Welch!
by Cathy123 November 23, 2006
the sound made when 'pulling out' after sex.
god it was a proper welch when i withdrew
by Ben Crosskey December 04, 2007
to puke; throw up; especially with a watery consistency
DJ just welched all in the backseet! too much grape drink
by ganja d December 16, 2006
gettin that good feeling, like right after a glass of welch's grape juice. comes from notorious b.i.g.'s 'big poppa', the line, "t-bone steak, cheese, eggs, & welch's grape."
"yo i found $100 on the ground."
-"you must be welchin like shit dude. wait, i think thats mine."
"im gonna shoot you in the face, and laugh about it."
by incredibly good looking December 06, 2006
A goddess, a loved person
She is a welch
by 6490 April 06, 2003