high quality marijuana product (no less then a dub sack) rolled in a cigar wrap (see blunt), rolled by an experienced roller. a nice quality roll job for a nice quality smoke session, not your usual loose, wet, flimsy 'L'. the term may also be used to describe the act of smoking a welch.
hmmm...yea but lemme roll it, im finna welch
by Ra Boy March 08, 2011
When someone's banter is not on a par with the rest of the group. This usually lead's to said person being left out from group activities and having their bantersauras status revoked.
Marcus, your banter lately has just been welch.

Thank god that fun sponge has moved to Swansea, his welch was killing me.
by BenjtheLAD October 18, 2010
N- a 250 pound, 6 foot tall Englishman with an unnaturally high voice, while still being the most hardcore person you could meet and answers the phone, "WELCH HERE!" and hangs up, "Welch out." Frequently eats Candied Apples.

V- 1. to be dissed, rejected, or ashamed. 2. to have a projectile, preferably a javelin, thrown in the face.
N- "It's Welch, not like the country but like the grape soda.", "I'm English, you see.", "I have the Golden Voice.", "Wanna mess bitch?", "Welch Here", "(while eating something gooey and delicious)This was worth the two dollars." -all by Welch.

V- 1. "I was welched by Welch, I can't even sit at that table anymore -Alex", 2. "Dan welched me right in the face with that jousting stick" - Luc
by Macarro October 27, 2005
to frequent a bar, proceed to suck on the same cheap beer all night, while periodically going to the car to drink bottom barrel vodka from a water bottle.
"Do you wanna go to the bars tonight??"

"Yea, I'm gonna have to welch it tho, I have no money.."

by Sack Daddy August 15, 2008
Welch (v.) To Welch:
To sponge money off a person or organisation. (See A.)
To break a deal, contract or promise, verbal or written. (See B.)
A. "God damn. Simon just phoned... He's lost his job at the petrol pump... Probably means he's going to try and welch off me for the next few weeks..."

B. "I guess I promised to pay up... Don't want people to think I'm some kind of deal-welcher..."
by C. Kinsman March 10, 2008
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