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Short for What Ever Loser
Most commonly used in chat rooms, MMORPG, and in IM.
Can also be said as WAL which is short for What A Loser
1: Used as a way to state annoyance or a way to state you're uninterested.
2: To say that he or she is a loser

1: Katimor403: Hi, I would like to be your friend
UberKewl90: O Please, WEL.
2: "Hey Jill, W-A-L he is!"
by Kikee February 02, 2008
Whatever, Loser!
chatroom slang
Can also be expressed physically; hold 3 fingers straight up above your head, saying, "what" then tilt sideways, saying, "ever; then make L shale with thumb & forefinger & finish, "loser!"

A way of really putting someone down -- usually used by tweenie girls.
John: "I won! You know I won!"
Jane: (making WEL hand signals to match) "What. Ever. Loser!"
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada August 31, 2010
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