An expression of mega excitement or some epic achievement.
Mike: Dude, some guy that was a jag to you performed *shotgun*

Robb: Weew!

by Yo I'm about to eat April 21, 2010
Top Definition
An expression of excitement or achievement.

Mike: Dude, I got paid tonight!

Robb: WEEW!
by Googlackajick Spibmab March 21, 2008
another way of saying "Woo" or "woot"
"We're partying all night long. WeeW!!"
by franki799 November 07, 2006
A group of people as a family made on facebook,which are stupid,mean,ugly and ugly once again.
This family consists of many bitches and bastards that don't know what life is to other people,and don't care.
I saw one of the weew's at the mall yesterday.
That weew is ugly.
by anonymous-_- November 29, 2009
1. A figure of speech used to show ones dissatisfaction with something.

2. Expression used when unhappy with the outcome of something.

3.Word that could also be used as a substitution for words such as Woot, woo and wow.

4. Word taken from a guy i met on xbox live who always screams "weew" when he dies on halo 3.

Me: *Snipes Tim in the head.*
Tim: "wtf, WeeW, hacker."
by Jaret H March 12, 2008
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