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A guy always gives in to the girl easily. He always says "yes". For example, the guy happily agrees to go to the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Midnight Premiere with his girlfriend without opposition. Or, the guy is convinced to do a group dance with no other guys in it (ex. Diwali). This will mean that he is Whipped Beyond Relief (WBR)
by Mr. Whipped December 01, 2011
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stands for "whipped beyond relief".

when the guy gives into the girl, says yes to everything. then he is said to be "wbr", because nothing can help him.
Jerome: What's wrong with Mack? He's been looking a little tired.
Tifa: Yeah, it's because he went to Breaking Dawn premier last night since he's wbr.

Mack Lee: It's true... -__-;;;
by whaddupfoool December 02, 2011
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abbreviation for Web Based Research, commonly performed with a search engine or similar online tool
person 1: tell me, how do you put up a crane?

person 2: i dont actually know, nothing a little wbr cant solve..
by Dom117 October 29, 2007
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White boy reject - The type of white chick that a white guy would not touch with a ten foot pole. Yet, a black or Asian guy, especially a black athlete or black entertainer, would love to have.
Although Michael Jackson could have had any black woman in the world, he much rather preferred a WBR like Debbie Rowe.
by Geewyzz May 18, 2015
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Will be remembered. Can be said in place of, or along with R.I.P. at the time of, or in remembrance of, someone's passing. Can also be said when someone is going away with the belief that the two won't be seeing each other again / seeing each other for a long time, like when a friend is moving away to a far away place.
by Black Jones November 08, 2011
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