The act of a disease the girl gives, or makes the noise when they give you head.
Dude, Me and her were getting into it and all the sudden she choked and ever since my dick was itchy, I think I got the waps!
by Jomalslmama March 10, 2010
similar to the word wigger, only pertaining to white nerds that obsess over Japanese/Asian Culture
-i used to go to Little Tokyo, but now its filled with nothing but Waps

-"You damn Wap, Anime isn't real!"
by dynamitekenji August 08, 2004
definetly deathwish from klan karnij
deathwish stop whine u wap
by Injex August 06, 2004
The WAP (World According to Pete) is the most successful online column in Lebenon Township, NJ.
I've never read anything as funny as the WAP.
by roman Rusinkiewicz December 14, 2003
Acronym for Wealty Asian Person, or 'Wich Asian Pwick'

can be derogotory, or informational.
That guy is such a WAP.
by blah_head March 22, 2005
Intentional mispelling of the 'awp' sniper rifle in counter strike. Also can be used as a verb: 'wapped', or 'wappage'. Note that 'wap' rhymes with 'cap'.
1. "Oh shit! waps in the tunnel, take cover!"
2. "I just like totally wapped that noob!"
3. "That was some serious wappage on my part."
by zure January 03, 2006
V. When a body part, usualy the face or male genitalia are slapped with a waffle.
Man, after we ate breakfast she took the leftover waffles and WAPed me in the face.
by BigLou July 20, 2006
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