Without Any Documents - Term used for people who lack legal immigration documentation.
Pepe is a wap. He has no green card.
by KBK January 31, 2005
an acronym meaning World Association of Patterns, (Founder: Drue M. && co founder Brooke) if you even think of using an unautherized patterned they'll kick ur sorry ass!
I think I'll mix polk-a-dots && plaid....OH NO....ITS WAP!!!!
by Drubby December 22, 2006
(1)To hit someone hard.
(2)A cell phone
(1) My mans just got wapped!
(2) Yo, fam, where's my wap?
by Cristobal Martin August 07, 2005
Stands for wet asian pussy, but the word means "asian female". The word wap does not just mean an asian female, but also, to relates to the culture of being asian.
I met this wap at the store; She brought me home and fed me sushi.
by wapper man February 28, 2004
1. v. to strike something with the male genitalia, esp. during intercourse
2. n. a derogitory term applied to unliked persons
note: usually used in combination with a slang form of penis
1. I'm gonna (dick) wap you.
2. What a (dick) wap!
by Kar-Kar June 16, 2003
Wap can be known as an organization. WAP equals We Alcoholic Pimps. You say WAP when something good happens. It is frequently used after making a basketball shot. WAP!
Some use it after twurking a girl. WAP!!
It can also be used to describe good things.
It answers all questions based on how you emphasize it.
fine girl walks by= WAP!
Party is crunk= WAP!
by Cole Lillie AKA Wap November 30, 2005
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