A feutile atempt at humor by a couple of walgreens employees. Basically, its short for walgreens, and is used in a variety of ways to keep the walgreens employees from going insane
Did you WAG off last night? HEll YEAH!!! 10 hours straight!

Just put em' in your mouth and WAG em'

Well wag me off and call me waggy struthers
by hsojeitsirk September 05, 2008
One who licks the inside of anuses
My wag came over came over some dessert after dinner.
by Becca October 21, 2003
wags! the coolest member of the Madison Society. She is the founder. She is a very hot biznatch that wants to fuck Winer.
Wags participated in positions.
by pierre January 29, 2004
wild ass guess
Whenever the politician was asked a question, he took a wag.
by ahominid October 02, 2015

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