An abbreviation for the chain store Walgreens, often heard in Illinois.
Are you going to class?
Yeah, then I have to stop by Wags to get some folders.
by valkatie January 17, 2008
(acronym) What a Geek!
(Nerd walks by)
Kid: WAG!
by Pete January 13, 2004
An overly intoxicated, exceedingly boisterous, flamboyant individual who can be found roaming the streets and disrupting various social events in Salem, VA. Easily identified by constant and unnecessary male groping accompanied with clear homosexual tendencies. Should be considered extremely harmless, yet incredibly obnoxious.
Dude, stop acting like that; you're being a total Wags.
by BBKH December 01, 2006
means to fuck... or take down.......hit
christina millian cool nigga... "yeah i wag"
by TI_TI March 30, 2006
Used to describe people with enormously large heads
His wags is blocking the sun.
by BDog21 August 24, 2006
A definitive source for the annihilation of asshattery around the world, one designated Wags would be the first and foremost defender of truth, justice, and heterosexuality.

Weapons include bats, a huge cock with which Wags will slap asshats and fuckheads, and fists with which to beat bitches. Generally he/she will be monogamous but with a partner who will generally do their bidding in every way, sexually.

Due to these defining characteristics, Wags (plural) have achieved high levels of respect throughout the world.
Visitor: Dude I just heard about your accident! What happened?!
Hospital Patient: I tried to fuck with Wags, man. I'm never trying that shit again.
Visitor: You're an asshat. (turns off respirator)
by Johnnybonbon May 02, 2007
A feutile atempt at humor by a couple of walgreens employees. Basically, its short for walgreens, and is used in a variety of ways to keep the walgreens employees from going insane
Did you WAG off last night? HEll YEAH!!! 10 hours straight!

Just put em' in your mouth and WAG em'

Well wag me off and call me waggy struthers
by hsojeitsirk September 05, 2008

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