Web Access Group. Created in the US Navy, This restricted internet system only allows certain people on at certain times.
Yo, who's waggin tonight? I need to check my myspace.

"I need to get my wag on"
by Kenny Burks December 11, 2007
Someone who thinks they are funny but their jokes are really lame.
What a wag! He thinks its funny when he says "Are we having fun yet?" I read that lame line on a t-shirt in 1983.
by Angry Shepherd December 15, 2005
white ass gangster.
mostly used for someone who acts really white.
"damn yo she's such a wag"
"omfg what a wag."
"stop being such a wag"
by convy09 June 18, 2009
White American Girls
...But I still talk that CAAASH...
Cuz a lot WAGs want to hear it... (Mr. West)
by No.1 WAG October 06, 2008
someone who is a complete tosspot and we dont like. It ios a very insultive word.
"omg, kyle is such a wag"
by Dr J. Monroe March 30, 2005
short term for "wagwan"
basically meaning "what" or "what's going on"
(phone rings)
Y:hi im in town
X:so wag? (whats going on)
by ultimate urban master October 14, 2006
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