Usually stands for "What a guy", and is said when someone admires someone else.
Omg isn't than Gajan? WAG!!~
by manaktola_gravity October 24, 2009
uberleet to the maximum.
I like this band! this band is wag!
by "C.C" September 12, 2005
To shake one's penis at another person.
Wes got drunk and was wagging his dick at passing cars.
by pj November 22, 2004
shorthened version of we are gay
did you hear the new band "wag"?
by dasds May 26, 2007
short for "schwag", the lowest quality of marijuana
"i picked up a gram of wag"
by Roger Tuttle February 16, 2005
Ass or booty, espcially used to describe black girls or "ghetto" people. If you have a big ass then you are considered to have a lot of wag.
Dang gurl, you got so much wag.
by CAROLiiNE November 30, 2006
Female member of a military school; Female present in an other wise male-dominated position.
The cadet gender is very diverse, what with the addition of all of the wags and all.
Hillary Clinton is trying to be the first wag - president.
by Clubber June 03, 2003
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