Wag is an Australian term that used to mean skip class when the surf was good and go surfing.

Now it just means to skip class.
Dylan's such a wagger! I don't know why he's still here!

Helen wagged to have a smoke behind the sports shed.

Why do you even wag? It's not like you do anything but sit around and smoke.
by alleypepe September 23, 2010
A coiner of clever terms or phrases, or an observer of new meanings to a term or phrase
Some wag in the artworld once said that sculpture is what you trip over in a gallery when you step back to get a better view of a painting.
by Geoff September 13, 2003
a complete douchebag who will go out of his way to make your life miserable; a very odd person;one who is a dick
Man don't talk to that guy, he's such a wags. douche bag asshole loser
by america!!!!!! May 24, 2011
An abbreviation for Women's and Gender Studies, a major that certain colleges and universities offer.
Something tells me that more women than men are WAGS majors, but I don't have the statistics to back it up.

One of the components to Middlebury's WAGS program, according to its website, is "a solid grounding in the theories and methods of women's and gender studies."
by Wanderfalke October 05, 2010
A term used to describe the horizontal movement of a person's buttocks as they walk. The term is derived from the movement of a dog's hindquarters as it wags its tail. The term is nonconnotative as a wag can be aesthetically pleasing or just plain wierd looking.
Look at her go. She got a nice wag on her.
by SteveHo April 01, 2010
Lesser known synonym for the words: badonkadonk, booty, ass, etc.

A wag is the round, plump derriere of a female.
(girl walks by)

Boy #1: *stares open mouthed at the bottom of the passing girl*

Boy #2: OMG she got a wag.
by Bite the big apple July 13, 2010
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