When you ring a friend on his cell phone, he sees it is you and rejects the call
"Man, I rang Brad and it cut off after two rings. He's totally wagged me."

"Dude, I can't believe you wagged me last night. I thought you had more respect."
by The_Trill_LV June 29, 2013
to be doing anything other than doing/ attending what is required of you within a time frame without having a valid reason. an australian term for the british word "skive"
lizelle is expelled for wagging the calc test and going to macdonalds
by stuti September 27, 2006
the in-between walk and jog that makes it look like you are trying hard in gym class, but you actually aren't.
Lets not run... we should just wag
by rayskimaster January 21, 2012
Means to play hookey (nottingham area word)
Sup, history is shit, i mite wag it
by Deathlok September 14, 2005
The act of removing one's penis and flopping it around in a non-sexual way with one's bros. Wagging is considered to be a fraternal action and sexual arousal is not intended. If someone does become aroused whilst wagging, it is not considered polite to notice.
We watched the football game, and then we wagged for a bit.
by Roger Bones January 29, 2011
Someone who thinks they are funny, usually the class clown. Someone about whom it would be said "there's always one..." when they make a wisecrack.
Some wag sitting behind me laughed at his own joke. Nobody else did.
by Flash Wilson June 18, 2004
Wag is an Australian term that used to mean skip class when the surf was good and go surfing.

Now it just means to skip class.
Dylan's such a wagger! I don't know why he's still here!

Helen wagged to have a smoke behind the sports shed.

Why do you even wag? It's not like you do anything but sit around and smoke.
by alleypepe September 23, 2010

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