Wag: Wild Ass Guess..
Mr. Peterson: Jimmy It's useless to try to save your grade now just Wag it already.

Jimmy: Limited Monarchy...
by Michael Carrillo October 08, 2008
Wives and girlfriends. usually seen in celebrity magazines about footballers parters.
e.g. "The latest WAG trends!"
by tamsaine November 21, 2006
acronym: Wild Ass Guess ; to take a guess at something important that you have no clue what the answer is
man, I was out of it during the test, so I just took a lot of WAGs
by Optimistsbane November 17, 2002
A joker or prankster.
He's a wag and can't be taken seriously.
by VW December 20, 2003
A wife or girlfriend of a footballer.

Man#1: Dude, Check Out Victoria Beckham!
Man#2: Man, She Is One Hot W.A.G.
by Ednah! December 23, 2007
to be doing anything other than doing/ attending what is required of you within a time frame without having a valid reason. an australian term for the british word "skive"
lizelle is expelled for wagging the calc test and going to macdonalds
by stuti September 27, 2006
Acronym for "Wild Ass Guess"
The economy is looking so shaky right now that any budget forecast would be a complete WAG.
by d7526dda-892c-4ee9-a4b8-36b5a3 March 13, 2014

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