Wag: Wild Ass Guess..
Mr. Peterson: Jimmy It's useless to try to save your grade now just Wag it already.

Jimmy: Limited Monarchy...
by Michael Carrillo October 08, 2008
Wives and girlfriends. usually seen in celebrity magazines about footballers parters.
e.g. "The latest WAG trends!"
by tamsaine November 21, 2006
acronym: Wild Ass Guess ; to take a guess at something important that you have no clue what the answer is
man, I was out of it during the test, so I just took a lot of WAGs
by Optimistsbane November 17, 2002
A joker or prankster.
He's a wag and can't be taken seriously.
by VW December 20, 2003
A wife or girlfriend of a footballer.

Man#1: Dude, Check Out Victoria Beckham!
Man#2: Man, She Is One Hot W.A.G.
by Ednah! December 23, 2007
What A Genius. A term used to denote a person of great intellect.
Ramiz: Are you a WAG?
Pleasure: Nooooo
by legendryAuthor September 29, 2015
Acronym for "Wild Ass Guess"
The economy is looking so shaky right now that any budget forecast would be a complete WAG.
by d7526dda-892c-4ee9-a4b8-36b5a3 March 13, 2014

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