"What A Fucking Dick!"
"Bob shit in my cereal. WAFD!"
by j_credits_ellut February 05, 2010
Top Definition
"What a fucking dumbass"
"Dude i just microwaved my balls"

"A bunch of random fucks threw a rager at Bauer's, and he's so fucking stupid that he didn't do anything to stop it"
by Pheth December 05, 2013
Acronym for "What a fuckin' douchebag!"

Most properly used when texting or posting on facebook, or perhaps verbalized as "W-A-F-D" when kids are around or in an extremely "proper" situation.
On facebook: "Hey fb fam, went to Best Buy on Black Friday and was waiting 45 seconds for some dude to pull out of a parking spot when some rich asshole pulled his Bimmer in before me. WAFD!"
by dookeyboy November 17, 2010

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