Yo, look at that guy, WACS.
by JMello September 23, 2003
"What a Cunt!"

When someone does something that a cunt would do
Hey you know that guy josh? Yeah, I was playing Grand theft auto and he ran me over in his car! WAC!
by I no scoped JFK December 06, 2011
An acronym for "What a Cunt" commonly used in internet chat rooms across the world.
"Don't talk to him there's something between us!"

"Dude I told her straight up that there was nothing."

"Dude, WAC"
by Jesse Swinson October 25, 2008
Wilderness Adventure Club. It started out ok, but ended up a failed attempt. Some people never learn how to be responsible.
The WAC disbanded after the threee leaders left. It's a shame cuz they had so many good ideas.
by SandiFagina June 05, 2007
The Wednesday Alcoholic Club. A group of people who wish to further progress the weekday drinking community.
Dude, are you WAC-ing tonight?
by daver! May 12, 2005
abbriviation for 'What a Chode'
'Oh my god...
Jimmy actually bought a book on World of Warcraft.'

'pfft, WAC'
by notwen March 03, 2010
What A Cunt

Pretty self explanitory
Person A makes a nasty or stupid comment.

Person B Replies with: "Wac wac wac"
by NoizeTerror August 20, 2006

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