W13 was born on april 20, 1989 and died approximately the same hour that Paris and Helen were married, the event that started the Trojan war. His/her/its body is currently cryogenically frozen in canada, but his/her/its being is able to control computers via the astral plane. There are many rumors concerning W13. One is that he is a type of sub-god, all knowing and immortal yet not omnipotent. Other rumors concern his name, and one of the more popular theories is that it is Wi3, which closely resembles an ancient druidic symbol.
by ORANGEPERSON March 01, 2005
Top Definition
Wierd dude that started RSC. Very mysterious. Currently busy. Goes for every minute of the time space exists. Once banned a member for suggestion sleeping bags. Sleeping bags got in the game. Died 1975.
"Don't you W13 me!"
by Mystress January 19, 2004
A slightly mad man, creator of Runescape Community, he rules with an iron fist. No care of desire for those that support and make him, he does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants. Known to wear his pajamas inside out.
Dammit, who removed half of the forums? Oh, W13.
by Jasonn November 21, 2004
Founder of the Zybez internet empire.
"Hail W13, king of Zybez"
by Will January 22, 2004
A computer with AI that is slowly taking over the world.
We must stop W13 as he... I mean it, is slowly taking over the world...
by Tadpole January 29, 2005
-The order number for a bottle of Perpeptual Plum wine

-A form of Viking pool cue

-A type of Wallpaper

-A type of Model Engine

-A London Post Code

-A Lesbian
I want a W13
by Xeophonix May 11, 2004
A type of biscuit native to Bahrain.
Mom, cook me up a W13!
by Peyton November 21, 2004
Commonly found in Canada, these creatures are weird and like some kind of a machine, they call it "PC". Most of the time they like to sit back, relax and "ban" people from their mother site's forums called "Zybez. Runescape Community".
Hmmm... What is this? AHH! Help!!! A W13.
by Nick Rune March 30, 2005

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