A person who agrees to going out or some other type of plan but completely backs out at the last minute, often with a poor excuse. Hence; wigging out.
Rich: 'Are you coming into town with us tonight?'
Georgy: 'Yeah yeah I'll meet you guys there!'
Rich: 'Where the hell were you last night?!?'
Georgy: 'Ummm I was out, guess you just must not have seen me... I definately wasnt at my girlfriends instead.'
Rich: 'Fucking wigout.'
by H.M's Bike November 26, 2009
Expression associated with stoners and surfers;

To Wig-Out:
1.To become confused due to lack of awareness;
2.To become frustrated as a result of misunderstanding something;
3.To realise that everybody in the universe is conspiring against you because you know too much...
1.'Where am I? What happened? I'm wiggin' out man!'

2.'What the hell is wrong with this PC? I'm pressin' the on button! I'm wiggin' out man! What's wrong with this thing?'

'You're not pressing the on button, you're poking yourself in the cheek with a biro!'


3. 'Oh crap man, they're out to get me! I'm wiggin' out, man!'
by El Weasle July 08, 2005
To Go Paranoid from drugsgeekedout}
man Im wigging out off that crack
by Brian Henley March 16, 2005
when someone does crazy things that surprises and confuses people. Mostly used in bobobo
Don Patch wig out Beauty all the time.
by St.Amander April 01, 2010
someone who has consumed anytype od drug, and preceeds to talk shit, or do stupid things. Paranoia is also a comon form of wigging out.
dave - "im going to batter you with my bong!"(waveing a medium sized indian hookah bong)
Wil - "what? fuckoff!"
Dave - "im tell you man im goin to fuck you up!"
Wil - "dave man your wigging out!"
by Wil February 18, 2005
someone who is freaking out, regardless of whether or not they are under the influence of a drug

singing, dancing, yelling, crying, laughing, spazzing- can all be symptoms of a wigout in progress

"put on your wig", "wow, what a wig", "that is wiggish"

Dee dee dee deedle dee dee dee dee deedly dee!
"you can't get a wigout ticket!"

Scott was really wigging out when the blunt was passed via monkey. Yeah, what a wigout.
by a wigout informant March 07, 2006
when your meds where off...the fun meds. a feeling of spaciness and gooniness; usually all you can do is stand there muttering to yourself and smoke lots of cigs. or smoke alotta weed!
Wow. Wow. I'm about to wig out. Oh crap. I'm wiggin out. Can I bum a cig? Oh shoot. Maybe I'll grab some booze.
by Matt J.D. May 01, 2007

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