a slang term for marijuana
I left the W in my backpack and my mom found it. i got grounded!!

i love smokin the W wit my niggas
by leroy jenkins III January 19, 2008
the shape of a nice piece of ass on a hooooootttt girl looking at her from behind...it looks like the letter "W"
(Double U") "UU" UU
Horney Guy1: Look at that beautiful piece of real estate.
Horney Guy2: Yeah she has a nice "W" shaped ass.
by blthrskt September 27, 2005
Can be used to replace the word 'whatever'
Girl: Gosh, you're so gay.
Boy: W
by Christin February 26, 2005
A sexual position when a man sits upright on the bed, and a woman throws her legs over his and leans back, thrusting onto the man's penis.
She was such a bad bitch, she put he in the W!
by Jay E. May 25, 2003
Proper amount of cleavage and low shirt line form a W
That is nice W you've got there
by Jon Gee June 20, 2011
george W bush
bush, jr
W is also called "BJ"; his father, "BS."
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
A stupid rich kid that fails at life, but has his parents wealth to bail him out every single time. W often abuses drugs, makes up words, and often struggles to put together full sentences.
Friend1: I don't feel like hanging out with Tom tonight.

Friend2: Why not?

Friend1: He is such a W!

Friend2: Why do we ever hang out with a rich moron anyway?
by Bobbyrib April 17, 2008

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