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actually pronounced "WE" instead of the moronic pronounciation "double you". Honestly we don't pronounce p as "Upside down bee".

pronouncing the letter in this way allows ease in text-messages
R W going? "Are we going"
W shld hang "We should have a meeting"
W heart U! "We love you"
W stand against tyranny "We defeat king george!"
by stoptehinsanity July 20, 2010
A sexual position when a man sits upright on the bed, and a woman throws her legs over his and leans back, thrusting onto the man's penis.
She was such a bad bitch, she put he in the W!
by Jay E. May 25, 2003
a slang term for marijuana
I left the W in my backpack and my mom found it. i got grounded!!

i love smokin the W wit my niggas
by leroy jenkins III January 19, 2008
A typo accidentally entered into an AIM (or any messaging system) type screen when playing a game where using the typical "wsad" controls to move, mainly in first person shooters/rpg.

Also happens when getting interrupted while in-game.
*Playing CS 1.6 moves forward*
-Drop Screen-
Adbot: What to be bigger down there? try new (insert pill name here)
Csplayer: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
-F***IN* Ads-
by Altanis July 26, 2006
(noun) A euphemism for whore, usually used figuratively or as an insult.
Kaylee, who has often had problems with staying out of trouble, is a huge W.
by sdfkjsldjfksldfkj January 09, 2008
Same as camel toe. Use your imaginations, people!
Don't look now but she's got a W happenin in that nylon jumpsuit.
by Joeyjojoshabadoo August 28, 2005
Usually only used in email/messaging/written form.

Replying to someone admitting to doing something incredibly stupid or makes a stupid comment.

Using only "W" as a reply is the same as rolling ones eyes or saying "your an idiot".

Or a shortened version of: "Your as stupid as George W Bush"
she: "I was so drunk last night that I forgot where I lived and it took 5 hours to walk home".

he: "W"
by melbourne_melly April 19, 2011