(noun) A euphemism for whore, usually used figuratively or as an insult.
Kaylee, who has often had problems with staying out of trouble, is a huge W.
by sdfkjsldjfksldfkj January 09, 2008
A typo accidentally entered into an AIM (or any messaging system) type screen when playing a game where using the typical "wsad" controls to move, mainly in first person shooters/rpg.

Also happens when getting interrupted while in-game.
*Playing CS 1.6 moves forward*
-Drop Screen-
Adbot: What to be bigger down there? try new (insert pill name here)
Csplayer: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
-F***IN* Ads-
by Altanis July 26, 2006
Same as camel toe. Use your imaginations, people!
Don't look now but she's got a W happenin in that nylon jumpsuit.
by Joeyjojoshabadoo August 28, 2005
Short for George W. Bush, the Prez
"W is as dumb as a tree stump"
by birdie November 17, 2004
actually pronounced "WE" instead of the moronic pronounciation "double you". Honestly we don't pronounce p as "Upside down bee".

pronouncing the letter in this way allows ease in text-messages
R W going? "Are we going"
W shld hang "We should have a meeting"
W heart U! "We love you"
W stand against tyranny "We defeat king george!"
by stoptehinsanity July 20, 2010
George W. Bush
Coke snorter, pot smoker, retard, and leader of the free world.
Holy shit, how did they re-elect W?
by coolassmofo February 10, 2005
Facist fucking pigdog with shit for brains.
Some think W might be Hitler reincarnated, but Hitler wasn't a fundie.
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006

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