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Vulturize, to snatch something up or taking things in a malicious, bitchy, or mean way.
You vulturized my potential client, I wish I could hit you in the face.
by The Vulturizer March 09, 2012
to take things from the weak and helpless. to pick clean.
The children met at their parents house to vulturize their home before placing them in a nursing facility.
by Not yet dead January 16, 2013
to gorge yourself on something until it literally spurts out of your asshole.
kitchen nightwatchman: Hey fatty, don't vulturize!
fatty: Mmmhm?
kitchen nightwatchman: You're shittin all over da floor!
fatty: but I can't--nom chomp gulp--quit vulturizing!
kitchen nightwatchman: QUIT VULTURIZING THIS!!!
nightwatchman's gun: BLAM-BLAM!!
by veteransuicidebomber March 23, 2012
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