Someone who waits in a parking lot for a car to pull out of a parking place.
Harry spotted a woman walking towards a car in the parking lot and instantly morphed into a Vulture. He partially blocked the aisle and put his ticker on to indicate that he had claimed that parking space, waited patiently the car to back out and then zoomed into the parking space as soon as it became available.
by Whiteheron December 12, 2011
1) Animal that Just don't Give a Fuck.
2) The sneakiest Motherfucker of them all
3) Damn bitches.
4) I dunno what's up with this motherfucekr, but shit, damn.
"The Vulture is in the nest!"
"The Vulture is stealing my life!"
"Chris Trouts made an appearance!"
by Chris Trouts December 20, 2002
in other words TOM the english guy who is a vulture

trying to take advantage of chicks who have been drinking
or just broken up with a mate only defense is a motor bike helmet
so if i a chick was drinking the vulture would swoop "Caw!"
by Anti- Vulture November 05, 2007
1: Bird known to feed on the dead, dying, and wounded
2: Police helicopter. Based on merciless appearances taunting people already in custody, even for petty offenses, a flawed policy. Makes diversion sacrifices possible for a big hit.
Can you believe Babylon sent vultures for a homeless drunk in public citation? Helped us pull a kick-ass drive by in a fully loaded charter bus across town. We were blastin' out of every single window loc!
by West Empire Anarcho September 08, 2005
The action of enhaling any leftover smoke in a bong after somebody else takes a hit.
"Its my turn to vulture the gravity bong"
by Himura February 19, 2004
a person or entity who profits from the suffering and misfortune of others
His lawyer is a total vulture.
by The Return of Light Joker April 24, 2011

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