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It's why pretty women drink free martinis and fat old men buy lamborghinis. It's got grip, it's got power, it's the only reason why men buy flowers.
Her Voodoo Punani caused me to leave my job and build a shack outside her bedroom window.
by David Brownstein November 08, 2003
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1. Punani that is so good, it causes a man to become whipped.
2. An extremely attractive female.
"She threw me on the bed and gave me a dose of the voodoo punani!"

"Damn that bitch is voodoo punani"
by Doctor Joe May 02, 2003
The art of a woman to use her excellent sexual skills to recieve unsloicited perks.
I wouldn't have paid for dinner, but her damn voodoo punani made me do it.

She has got the voodoo punani, because I just bought her a car.
#pussey #pussy #hot sex #vagina #vulva #sex #punany
by brucekey May 18, 2007
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