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Adj. Used to describe a person, place, situation, or thing. Often in reference to a hideous outfit, a heinous hook-up, and/or a regrettable deed.
1. While innocently sitting at starbucks, your chair is jolted by a red headed beached whale, who's 5'2' 340 pounds and is currently wearing plaid spandex which accentuates her muffin top. "Bitch is vomatrife."

2. After a long night of boozing and debauchery, you find yourself beneath a pre-law, jew-fro'd, drooling mother fucker, who proceeds to ask if he can cum on your stomach. So when your bestfriend texts you in the morning asking how your night went, you say,"Shit was vomatrife."

3. You've been casually fucking a soccer player at your university for the past three months. Nothing could have prepared you for this day. While in the midst of round two, you discover that your monthly gift has arrived early, in full force, and is currently seeping into said soccer players bed mattress. Mid-thrust, you hear #62 ever so softly utter the word, "VOMATRIFE."
by smaxluhhhh December 20, 2010
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