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(n.) A small, swedish house with a panzer engine on the front and "HOWS MY DRIVING? 555-FUCK-YOU" stickers on the back.
throw as many bricks as you want at this volvo-you won't dent it.
by kung-fu jesus August 19, 2004
Volvo stands for many things:
1. Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object.
2. Very Old Loose Vaginal Opening (Courtsey of another definition).
3. Many More.
Volvos are known to be "crappy," yet many of their oldest models such as the 240, 740, 950, and 850 series still surpass many of the standards held by crappy american or ricer car companies today.
Specifically, the 850 is the most commonly sought after model as it is most convenient for tuning and mods.
Volvos run forever and ever.
Additionally, Volvos are, for all practical purposes, the best cars on the market. Everything up to and including sexual intercourse is still safe while within the confines of Volvo's spacious cars.
Volvos are made in a country (Sweeden) where it is dark for more than 200 days of the year, beer costs more than the fridge you put it in, and "roads" are usually considered to be tracks made by "other tractors" through the middle of a desolate field.

Volvos kick the shit out of competition because they are the competition.
by Spanky1122 December 07, 2007
Best Swedish made car ever built with a 4 cyl. safest vehicle ever built since they moved away from Ford Motors Inc. great power for the price. a car you want to be in in the event of an accident or a roll over. very durable engines with high horsepower at low rpm. 2015 xc90 t6 has the turbo and supercharger.
ford owner: my truck can stop on a dime

volvo owner: you have to use your break pedal, i dont. the car does it for me with cw-eb.
via giphy
by killerskull97 August 07, 2016
A couch with wheels, a mobile coffin. Nothing on the road is more comfortable, or less inspiring, than a Volvo. The car with the most least used indicators as most drivers forget they aren't in their living rooms, or alive. Be careful of the "R" version, the racing couch. Twice as fast, just as plush. Real Volvos stopped with Turbo Bricks.
Sorry for not using my indicators, I'm driving a Volvo. It's difficult to remember I'm not asleep on my couch.
by lolvolvo January 29, 2014
only true champions are worthy of this absolute tankmobile.
get out of that fuggin ricer and into this volvo wagon!!!!!!!!
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
Carla Soprano's vulva as mentioned by Tony during one of his sessions with his psychiatrist in the last season(?).
".. I know she's been having problems with her volvo and like that..."
by doc001 July 03, 2012
that girl last night had a VOLVO and im not talking about the car.
by Dnuggs21 March 19, 2010
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