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A volkz is a person male/female who spends their time wisely when playing a game such as runescape. A volkz can also play for 18 hour consecutively and earn up to 70k an hour at a place called bandit camp. A Volkz can also collect 1.5k dragon bones and dragon hides a day making him the ultimate dragon slayer.

Be warned a volkz can also get aggressive if things dont work out for him/her so be prepared to be bargained with during a sale.

Besides the negative side of things, a volkz has no positives and is just a pure killing machine. ANTI SKILLER
I have addopted a volkz method of life playing runescape 18 hours a day and eating chicken mmmm chicken.

u-leh: "how many bones and hides you get today?"
volkz: "1.5k bones and 1.5k hides"
u-leh: "you crazy, you are definately a volkz"
by Sprong May 02, 2006

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