German car manufacturer dissed by people who drive burn-out race models with shitty handling and need way too much maintainance.
vw's are cool
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
The car that hate built.
Batmobile is to Batman as VW is to Hitler.
by Nikthenyetminder February 13, 2005
A car that is made in Mexico, but sold in the United States.
Dude... I just had to take my Volkswagen Jetta into the shop again, and they say the warranty doesn't cover the $2000 repair. Can I borrow your Ford?
by Mennonite April 25, 2006
A german car manufacturer, the name means "Peoples Car." Volkswagen was a great company with many successes, after replacing the air cooled with the amazing water cooled A1's (rabbit&jetta) it went down hill, and currently they are in a decline because VW is now in a world of conforming to what other companies are doing as opposed to doing their own thing no matter what everyone else did, which of course lead to their great successes in the past. from there they moved to the A2 chassis, in 1985 and the cars got heavier, then the a3s and they got even heavier
and again a4s even heavier. VW lost sight of what it once was. and now all we have is our a1s to love and cherish and think of what vw could have been.
rabbit, jetta, golf, passat, vanagon, bus, dasher, scirocco.
by Key Dawg January 21, 2005
Hitler Mobiles.

Volkwagens are like Clitoris's every cunts got one.

if you own a shitty fucking dub Concrat's you get to join the faggot club.

Everyone Volkswagen is the same, Shit. they brake there boring as fuck and they look like a piece of shit too.

As you can tell, i dont really like them

36,000 Mile Volkswagen Golf GTi

Needed New engine.

New engine gets put in.

Exhaust falls off.
by vtecy0 January 02, 2009
A German automobile which is most famous for the 'beatle', a car which is driven by (then) hippies and (now) obese chicks, and can be totaled in a rear end collision. Also includes the 'Golf', driven mostly by ricers. The Jetta, driven by pseudo-white collar males who wear sunglasses (even at night) and tailgate. And the Passat, which is driven by old people who float on the highway.

The other models are bought by people who are apparently easily suckered by car salesmen.
The ricer in the Golf next to me wanted to race. I only bothered to smoke him because the Jetta behind me kept tailgating me, so I left them both in the dust. Stupid Eurotrash.
by The Sub March 06, 2005
Probably the worst company ever. Nothing they have produced has been worth the money you pay for it.
Passenger:Dude wheres the engine on the VW bus?
Driver: There isn't one, so i have about 2cm of metal in front of me if we crash.
Passenger:Dude isnt that unsafe?
by Tenom May 26, 2005

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