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A German automobile which is most famous for the 'beatle', a car which is driven by (then) hippies and (now) obese chicks, and can be totaled in a rear end collision. Also includes the 'Golf', driven mostly by ricers. The Jetta, driven by pseudo-white collar males who wear sunglasses (even at night) and tailgate. And the Passat, which is driven by old people who float on the highway.

The other models are bought by people who are apparently easily suckered by car salesmen.
The ricer in the Golf next to me wanted to race. I only bothered to smoke him because the Jetta behind me kept tailgating me, so I left them both in the dust. Stupid Eurotrash.
by The Sub March 06, 2005
100 179
In German, its means "people's wagon", fucking great car company, everything to compact to suv, to faster cars.
Dude, I got a Volkswagen Jetta, its a nice car.
by AJF935 October 04, 2003
593 245
One of the best car companies of all time. Starting with the Beetle, they continually fired out proven winners with the Scirocco, Vanagon, Karman Ghia and later with the Golf/GTI and Jetta. Time and time again, they've continued to find success with both younger and older generations, instilling a sense of family and comradrie in the drivers, similar to that found in Jeep owners. Most Volkswagen owners who take their cars seriously gain valuable insight into the world of German engineering, tweaking the lines of their cars to both increase their overall performance and retain an impressive and distinct style at the same time.
I just picked up an R32... and blew the unpainted body kit off of a 1991 Civic that attempted to race me.
by SpewingChunks August 13, 2005
380 175
the best cars ever made, plus its my house
all hail the bug!!!!!!
by carl September 11, 2003
337 241
Best damn car in the world.
Dude, Volkswagens totally rock!
by unvmyvw March 02, 2005
257 169
The act of spending all or most of one's weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/anuall income on an automobile who continues to draw your love and compassion. Volkswagen owners are usually unaware of the amount of compensation given. They will always deny any shortcomings regarding their car.
So, my volkswagen is in the shop again. ~sigh~ I do love that car.
by ~$*MO*$~ July 22, 2008
127 49
A car company that proves that you can overcome anything. Volkswagen succeeded and became one of the biggest car manufacurers in the world despite the fact that it was used as propaganda by Hitler to help take over the world
I drive a Volkswagen and its the best
by mark April 13, 2005
215 145
The first car manufacturer to make a
SUV - the Schwimmagen (sp?) and the
first real station wagon (bus).
eh, stop the bus, is that a schwimmer
in the lake!!. now pass me that pipe
so i can get the bus running.
by vw66bus November 15, 2003
148 117