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Technically a German outside Germany during Third Reich. Such person usu. considered themselves German despite they lived outside their supposedly mother country.

More likely a bastard that pretended to be German to get advantage of the Nazi way of civilizing Europe. That included:
1. safe passages in the streets during massive, haphazard terror bursts of Nazi military force in cities; such actions involved catching humans like some sort of animals to satiate concentration camps or simply performing executions in the streets.

2. robbing empty ex-Jewish and other houses which later brought shame to the nations under Nazi occupation (cuz every country has its own vermin that feeds on the lowly ones)

3. making a buck on bribes for not turning in Jews, Poles, Roma and other persecuted humans to the Nazi

Modern use: an individual that fled Poland and chose Germany as their mother country and now pretends they can't speak proper Polish, can't understand Polish reality, looks down on their former mother country and generally speaking is hard to deal with because of his fake "I'm German now you lousy Poles" bias towards his ex-natives.
- "Stop being a volksdeutsch and behave yourself. A little respect towards that nice Ukrainian housemaid won't hurt you."

- "Did you know that Ollischovsky used to be a communist party propaganda guy and now he's moved to Germany. He won't even say a word without thick German accent."
- "Fo' real? What a volksdeutsch!"
by TGor October 06, 2006
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