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Volcanic Nutella is a case of the shits so bad its like shitting a stream of molasses made of battery acid, yet so sparodic, that when your done... you only think your done, only to find as soon as youve pulled up your pants and washed your hands, your explosive ass gets ready to erupt in a white hot fury right there in your under britches... this trickery and downright skullduggery of the anus, mean the poor hapless fool to stay within running distance of the porcelain express and causes the skin around your cornhole to become so red, angry and inflamed from the constant onslaught of colon-bile and toilet paper, that even the most heavly vitaman E imbuded 4ply toilet paper of softness is like taking a ballbearing shot sandblaster directly to the rectal opening

usually results in grown men crying deliorusly at the ungodly pain
Dude 1: whoa fuk man, we shouldnt have had that dodgey vindaloo at lunch...

Dude 2: harden the fuck up pussy, clench yo ass till we get home

Dude 1: fuck that man, ifeel a case of the Volcanic Nutella coming on man, its like white hot poker is trying to excape from my ass!
by OH GOD MY ASS June 12, 2008
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