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Engaging in sex using the site of a tracheostomy in the man/woman's neck as the hole in which the penis is inserted.
I was voiceboxing your mother after her surgery, she's found something new to smoke!
by tonysaludo October 10, 2009
Verb: (used in a past tense setting)
When a argument raises to a point where the topic is forgotten and both parties begin to bark out deep personal wounds of the other.
guy1: It's not my fault your whore of a wife decided to reveal her penis to you on the honeymoon.

guy2: Oh you can remember that but can't recall being force to sleep with your mother because they were going to kill your baby sister. Happy mothers day, hope you got her flowers.

girl what happened between guy1 and guy2?
They were making kool-aid and somebody forgot to buy sugar, next thing I know, they were voiceboxing.
ooh girl tell me about it!

synonyms: arguement, fuss
by UnknowableOne June 20, 2016
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