If you come in Namibia or South Africa, you will come across to this term. It means "Fuck off". In other terms of understanding, it could be translated as bullshit, rubbish, or untrue. You should understand that people this side mix languages when speaking. And it is normally used in action of reply. Most of us use it to scare a dog who's about to attack us.
"voetsek! fucking dog" = fuck off! funking dog
by AD2000 May 07, 2009
Top Definition
Afrikaans for 'Get lost'.
(Not a swear word! but rather crude like English 'bog off')
Used a lost by Anglo Africans.
(Means litreally in Afrikans, 'Tie your feet up'. I.e. 'Stop following me'.)
Trader: Buy dees vely cheep shuz.
Guy: No thanks dude.
Trader: Sir, u must buy dees vely cheep shuz.
Guy: No thanks.
Trader: Hey sir, I tell you, you must buy dees vely cheep shuz.
Guy: Hey, just votsek man!
by Ruks March 22, 2005
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