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Vlada is an eastern European name for a girl. If you know a Vlada, you are very lucky. Vlada is one of the funniest, most caring and most beautiful people you will ever meet. Vlada is usually very energetic and loves to have fun. She knows what she wants, and if she set a goal she will do anything to get there.
Vlada looks very gorgeous today.
by serbiandude December 11, 2012
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Vlada is a good friend she gets a little moody sometimes, but she gets over it. She may say she hates children but you secretly know she loves them. A lot of boys hit on her but thats only because she likes to look sexy. Don't let anything she says ofend you because she is joking. She gets a little creepy sometimes but you end up laughing at her any way. Vlada is a good friend if you want to have fun and party.
OMG it's vlada
by dld11223456789 November 07, 2012
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wow, she looks so vlada in that dress!

i wanna look vlada tonight
by hellasmartass June 04, 2010
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A girl who is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. She is very caring and true to herself. She struggles a bit with herself but makes up with it for the way she loves people. An extremely hilarious person who can have you in tears of laughter. If she is your best friend she treats you the best she can. I know this because she's my best friend. Please don't kill me Vlada I love you😂❤
Guy: what is that stunning thing over there?
Me: That's a Vlada didn't you know
via giphy
by 2535Erin5352 January 10, 2017
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A scheming chick who lies and pretends herself to be sexy and innocent. Even when writing her own definition of her name on Urban Dictionary.
Vlada used you for your money and never really cared for you.
by Bahhaanaythensgay October 26, 2010
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