Foxy lady mostly in process of giving sexual favours to pivo
i'm just vivi from tha block
by vivi August 21, 2003
Top Definition
A Vivi is very different from all the girls you'll meet. If you meet one always try to have her before someone steals her from you. She's usually very smart and will often try to help you with you homework. She'll hug you often and has a good sense of humor. She's cute and hangs out with friends that might like her. So you'll need to know how to get her heart before someone else does. If she's into you, you are the luckiest ass in the world. You can fall in love with her.

Guy 1: Hey, do you know what Vivi likes?
Guy 2: I think she likes funnel cake, take her to that coffee shop downtown...
Guy 1: ^_^

Ex. 2

Guy 1: Can I borrow your notes for history? Sorry.
Vivi: ^_^ That's okay, just give them back to me in 3rd period.

Ex. 3

Guy 1: So let me drop you off at the steps ... Here you go
Vivi: *Hugs* Thank you...
Guy 1: O_O ... *hugs back*
Vivi: Okay see ya later
Guy 1: ...Bye
by Spinningdabottle February 12, 2011
A black mage from the popular Final Fantasy Series(IX).
Hey ever had vivi in your party?
by Steven November 10, 2003
kick ass ff9 (yes.... ff9.... best game ever...) character!
vivi is better than that crack head amarant!
a four year old three foot tall independent little black mage the coolest one and is by far my favorite character in FFIX.
Vivi kicks ass!!!!!!
by Isaac Tribal November 12, 2004
A magical leprechaun, who tends to leave a pot of dildos on a bench on st. pattys day. vivis tend to have curly shoes that match the belt buckle. usually is the leprachaun who leaves a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, vivis tend to be the in charge leprachauns, and started the rumour about four-leaf-clovers
Its St. Patricks day.

I know, man, I'm searching for some vivis.
by youonlyliveonce.. March 10, 2012
1. The cutest person from Final Fantasy 9

2. One who defies logic, only to be killed by an event with a logical explanation

3. A great role model, for young criminals.
When you break apart apart an Oreo and the white cream is split between the 2 cookies "Man, i got a Vivi"

Person A: Dude did you see that super hot chick?
Person B: Yeah.
Person A: She was definetly not a Vivi.
Person B: Yeah...
by munler December 19, 2009
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