A really funny tv show.
Bam kicks ass bitches.
by cartman5000 August 09, 2004
Lame ass show about shit skater Bam Tardgera and his fat passive-agressive family. Bam is single handedly responsible for making ADD look cool. And now his uncle got caught trying to tap the ass of a twelve year old.
Welcome to the 21'st century.

Jackass is awesome though.
Viva La Bam dialouge:

Bam: "Nyeahaha now were going to ram an axe into Vito's Humvee! Its not like we never done that before, only once in every fucking episode. Maybe later we can film me living out my secret fantasy of touching my fathers tits by slapping him! Im such a rebel!"

Vito: "Huahdubindouszeå"
by kalle henderson April 01, 2007
the best tv show BY FAR on mtv...(next to wildboyz and jackass) BAM MARGERA IS HOTTTTTT
i love that show!!!!!!
by ME August 07, 2004
its the best fucking show on MTV concidering most of the music is rap.

and its not just for littel 13 and 14 year olds. its a very good show
viva la bam is the only show that has some from of rock or sumshit like that.
by methstoner July 12, 2005
The best fuckin show in all of the world!!
Viva la bam is my favorite show in the whole damn world!! Its sooooooo freakin funny!!
by gretchen hardcock September 05, 2008
a show about a spoiled dickweed with an MTV contract pissing off his loved ones.
Jackass and Wild Boyz are cool, but Viva La Bam pisses me off.
by Don Vito March 05, 2005
Retarded TV show in which a sellout gets to moon around the stage getting paid to do stupid shit. None of it is real! None! It's all on script! Mildly entertaining if you don't have any paint to watch dry.
::Stabs Bam Margera, star of Viva la Bam::
by el d4nt3 October 25, 2005
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