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1. Jagermeister, Jager, easy slang spelling for Jägermeister

2. Infrequently used term for jism, jizz
1. Jägermeister is not a word everybody likes to spell, so some just call it Vitamin J.

2. I've never heard anybody call jism Vitamin J
by His Equestrian Majesty August 16, 2006
A rare kind of vitamin you get from goat's milk
I had a bottle of vitamin j,today
by Dr.sindrome October 11, 2012
Used when speaking about receiving Christ or when referring to Jesus.
"I gotta go to church Sunday and get that Vitamin J son!"
by Adam Dizzle White April 30, 2008
Slang term for male semen. Generally used by females to describe the events that transpired a previous evening.
I can't get enough of his vitamin J!

A high protein milkshake consisting of vitamin J.
by Pierre June 29, 2004
a female name that begins with a 'J' and the correlation to sexual activity.
"I haven't seen Julie in days, I need my Vitamin J" says Max.
by Jurie September 14, 2007
Junk food.

I originally heard this term in reference to a candy cane and thought the term referred to the J shape of the cane.
As the boy dumped out his Christmas stocking, he crowed "Oh, boy -- Vitamin J!"
by Sylvia's Daddy December 26, 2007