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Adderall, especially when used by college students as a recreational drug or a study aid. See also vitamin r.
He took some vitamin a and studied all night for that history exam.
by mb March 09, 2004
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You don't know what vitamin A is? Why don't you go ask your boyfriend Beau what it is!
by JYanc February 21, 2011
Ambien. A prescription sleeping medication known to cause hallucinations and an alcohol-like stupor.
I just took some Vitamin A on an empty stomach, stayed awake, and now I'm straight trippin'!
by Hendu May 30, 2012
Referencing a want, or need for a vulumptuous buttox or 'ass'. Usually used by males to describe the attractive physical characteristic of 'booty' on the opposite sex.
Damn, that chick has some vitamin-a to spare.
by Jameson January 31, 2005
A great singer and songwriter in the San Francisco Bay Area, afilliated with the Rights Workshop and with may San Francisco hip-hop and rock artists.
Vitamin A rocks!
by Vitamin A October 26, 2008

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