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Florida's Natural fruit snacks made by Aúsome Fruit Snacks. The fruit snacks come in either string or nugget form and are only in strawberry flavor. However, Vitamin G is only used by an elite group. It is usually distributed among G's/z at lunch time, but it can be used in times of extreme need and/or desire, such as an Ajemian DBQ. Members of the G nation are given Vitamin G to G Up on these whack teachers, students, and people in general. Vitamin G provides G's with energy and confidence (that they have stored/potential energy) to continue and accomplish the day with everlasting strength. The saying that goes along with Vitamin G is, "G UP!"
Walter: "Hook me up with some Vitamin G."
Eric: "What you know about that?"
Donny: "It's apple flavor!"
Kiyong: "VITAMIN G!"
Ben LEE: "Oh vitamin G is so good."
John Lee (Not G): What's Vitamin G?"
All: "G UP!"
by Eric (E-Dub) Wong April 25, 2006
vitamin gangsta

Most people are lacking in vitamin g and they don't even know it
Why is Ted in the hospital?
His G levels were down low ya dig?
Oh he should've gotten more vitamin G.
by Mr awesome 2011 May 10, 2011
Greasy food, deep fried heaven, dripping manna
I go to Waffle House at least once a month for a dose of Vitamin G.
by Wahmuk September 26, 2009
used for ganja (weed) in some engineering colleges in India
"Dude, lets take some vitamin g tonight"
by Troll1234 March 27, 2009
A term used for pulling g's in a jet aircraft. Reserved only for the badasses of the aviation world.
I got a healthy dose of Vitamin G during ACM training the other day.
by Gladius Knobgobbler February 23, 2010
Well its like gasoline

In fact, it really is.
Bart: Man i hate mowing the lawn
Homer: Here, use Vitamin G
(grass lites on fire)
Homer: Don't worry it's a "Controlled Burn"
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 10, 2003
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