Slang for Caffeine or any caffeinated beverage, especially coffee.
"I'm off to the coffee shop for my morning dose of Vitamin C."
by Optimal December 14, 2006
Top Definition
slang term for cocaine
by Ant September 05, 2003
Slang term for cum that is shot down someone's throat after ejaculation.
My girlfriend went down on me last night, and let me give her a shot of vitamin C when I finished!
by SportsRizzo July 13, 2009
Cocaine, real, Everlasting, perfect, only ups no downs.
Vitamin c is the real, facebook, amazing realistic ongoing
by justagirlwhoknows April 17, 2011
Codeine Promethazine Syrup
I done po'd a pint of vitamin C in my 2 liter. Double cupped up with a firm grip. Does a body good!
by dauphindranksippa December 27, 2010
Classy word for the word 'Cunt'
Person 1: Dude you're an ass
Person 2:No dude you're a Vitamin C
by ChickenRoyale February 15, 2012
slang for cunnilingus.
"So did you get some vitamin c last night?"
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I overdosed. He didn't come up all night."
by Oh yeah baby April 16, 2007
code name for birth control pills
Is your girl on the vitamin c?
by Getz December 23, 2003

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