A genius. To call Vitaly's understanding of the world "above-average" is an insult. Omniscient is more like it.
Compared to Vitaly, everyone is retarded.
by Mohammed Ahmed Shamhammed February 27, 2006
Top Definition
a very sexy person
you are so Vitaly
by unknown June 16, 2003
A college student interested in girls that are under 18.
That dude is such a vitaly; he brought those two chicks to the party that were still in high school!
by Johnson999 November 30, 2011
Someone who never stops eating and is going to be a fat ass bitch when hes older, and thinks the earth will burn up if there is no moon, thinks the Russians won WW2
Shut up you stupid vitaly, just because theres no moon doesnt mean there wont be a night time.
by P3C February 22, 2004
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