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Some one with mad skills on an instrument. A professional musician.
Rob is such a virtuoso, only David Gilmour is better than him.
by Rob Helegda! January 14, 2005
Other word for connoisseur, with a small difference.

1. Exceptional performer: A musician who shows exceptional ability, technique, or artistry.

2. Talented person: Somebody who shows exceptional technique or ability in something.

3. Connoisseur: Somebody who is knowledgeable and cultivated in appreciating the fine arts.
She's such a virtuoso.
by Jafje April 03, 2007
A person with masterly skill or technique in the arts, aka: expert.
she's such a virtuoso.
by SwingingStar May 10, 2006
One who has exceptionally good musical abilities.
Eddie Van Halen, Tommy Lee, Neil Pert, Les Claypool, Geoff Tate, Freddie Mercury, Slash, and me :)
by Redwhitencrue25 July 21, 2005
Any musician who can get across the message or the mood of the song without vocals
David Gilmore is a virtuoso
by guitarmaster June 21, 2006