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The improved version of your family where you get to choose its members.
Consists of:

The wise sage (the wisest and generally most sensible of the family)

The Psychotic Fairy (the fiercest of all the family. Cute when in a good mood)

The Cyborg Chippy (ever want a sensible conversation - don't speak to Chippy. Forever clearing up after the Atomic Fairy)

The Big Fairy (Big and fluffy. Likes to sleep with teddy bears)

The Odi (Patience of a saint as has to look after Atomic fairy. Loves food. Man's best friend)

The Atomic fairy (Causes massive chaos. Likes to party (all the time). Hobbies include collecting other people's lighters and sleeping. Allergic to housework)

The Baby fairy (The youngest of the family. Has long blonde hair and likes to lead the Atomic fairy astray)
by Big Fairy November 25, 2003
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