are you serious? virtua fighter sounds gay, plays gay, and all of you are GREASY ASS NERDS who think crapier things are better just for the fuck of it, GO FUCK YOURSELVES with a STOLEN DICK, VF is so fucking gay and stupid, TEKKEN IS THE GRATEST FIGHTING GAME EVER, VF having BETTER GRAPHICS? WTF YOU VISUAL FUCK GET OUT, TEKKEN RULES. VF SUCKS TEKKEN"S HUGE COCK.
virtua fighter is a game for American wannabe jap nerds that think gay bullshit is better just for the fuck of it. well it aint.
"SUCK my dick" - Heihachi
"Suck my 10 incher" - Jin
"Suck my alien 2 foot cock" - Yoshimitsu
by filly's dorito sucker March 16, 2005
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A 3d fighter with sluggish controles and boring charecters. The graphics were ok at the time (Ah who Im kidding even the dated King Of Fighters engine looked better thatn this crap fest) It is fairly complicated wich can turn off new players. This series is not newb freindly....at all. I will say however that it is fairly addictive and there is enough for fans to enjoy.
As for those who do not enjoy the super floaty jumps those were pretty much invented in VF.
I wish the VF series played a bit faster.
All these charecters feel a bit cliche and I cant seem to find one I particulary like playing as.
Well at least VF4EVO is pretty
by bob December 17, 2003
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There is nothing fun about the Virtua Fighter games. The music is tacki and droaning. The specials are dull and crummy. The speed is slower than sluggish and the gameplay is deader than a graveyard.

The characters are clear rip offs of characters from the Street fighter and Tekken gammes.

Oh yes and Virtua fighter is not realistic, when I jump I dont think I slowly hover to the floor or when I knock someone over I dont think it takes them half a millenia to get up. Your just making up excuses for Virtua Fighters slow downs and fatal flaws.

Dead or Alive is NOT a rip off of Virtua Fighter, in fact the series have nothing in common besides the same fighting engine. But oh would you look at that even though they do Dead or Alive actually has realistic jumps and characters dont move like turtles.

I rest my case
Virtua fighter is a slow repetitive boring old series that has long since past its sell by date
by Virtua Shiter April 28, 2005
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VF=better graphics,physics
Tekken=better gameplay
by ron obvious February 26, 2003
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A game that have a slow reaction time and was focused to much on the graphics instead of the gameplay...that's why its never have such of a big sucess like Tekken Dead or Alive or Street Fighter.
If Virtua Fighter is such a great game then how it haven't gotten over America...its not that America is lazy its just that America knows the difference between treasure and trash.
by Jade July 05, 2003
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